1. General

It seems like some menu items are missing. Where is the page to … ?

Please register with us (and Login) to enable reserved sections and functions.

Do I have to setup an account before I make a donation.

Not at this time. However, it is better if you do because additional features will be available to you.

2. CiviCRM Account Holders

What Roles are available in this organization?

Currently, the Roles are: Constituents, Donors, Volunteers, Personnel, and Directors. An user can be in more than one group.

In CiviCRM, how do I email a group of Contacts?

If (for example) you want to email everyone who’s Account is flagged as being a Director:
On the top black CiviCRM menu, select Search, and Find Contacts
Select Directors (group) . Click Search button
Click All Records (or only Selected)
Action “Send email to Contacts” … Click Go button
Click “Text Format” to open it.
Type your email and click “Send Email” button at the top.

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