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c13The Association for the Advancement and Relief for the Children of Latin America had its beginning in August of 2007.

The Lord asked Peter twice “Do You Love Me, Then feed my sheep.” The Lord is calling upon all of us, to stop the bickering, stop the discord between Christian people and Churches and be people who are called by his name and not by your denomination. The Lord does not see people by their denominations, he see’s them according to their hearts and intents. God’s people love much and care much, and have one purpose in life and that is to Love the Lord and love all his children. This means providing ministry, care and nourishment to his children. AARC intends to fulfill Gods calling in feeding his sheep. We will minister, help, feed, nourish and do all that the Lord calls us to do with the Children of Latin America. These are children who are suffering from hunger, heath and nutritional issues.

AARC now has supporters in the San Antonio community. We have one vision, and that is to feed God’s Sheep.

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